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Hi everyone,

I try to create my first project.
It is composed of one scene called "my_scene".

I defined the default scene on "myscene.cs". Godot has accepted it (with another path it raise an error wich says that the scene doesn't exists, so it means the scene i defined is correct ... )
When i try to run the scene i have the error :
gd/gdmonoutils.cpp:371 - System.IO.IOException: Invalid handle to path "/home/my_path/[Unknown]".

I changed the real path by "my_path".

The script isn't executed.

Thank you for your help.

Godot version Mono-3.2.3
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Scenes are either .tscn or .scn files (normally .tscn). To run a script (either .gd or .cs) you have to add it to a node in the scene. I hope this helps.

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Yes, the scene is called "my_scene.tscn".
Godot accept it but when I want to run It it looks for [Unknown] ...

Okay I think that is a bug. Maybe try with a clean project but i am not sure what else you could do.

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