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Here is a picture to get a better understanding: https://pasteall.org/pic/60fcab5ef15a4b0b94e0382a8798762a

Also when I start my game and try to see through the mesh instance it shows the model for a second but then it goes away , and Im sure the camera is falling I wasnt aware the camera has physics, does viewports have no hierarchical system so nodes dont follow other nodes, also in the editor when moving all of the object the camera in the viewport doesnt follow anything, how can I fix this?

okay after a few more testing, looks like the black is actually the sky/environment so the viewport wont render the sky but models are okay, so the next issue is that the camera doesnt follow the model and the falling I was experiencing was actually the model being moved while the camera stay in one position.

here is a picture of me rotating the object but the camera not moving: https://pasteall.org/pic/38bae6cf60db4b08bbef1a8f73f0b81a

Godot version 3.2.3
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Normally children follow the parent so you should make sure that the objects you want to follow the moving object are the moving objects children.

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I understand that, it's just that anything in the viewport ignores that system which I don't want it too.

I see now. It is because the parent of the camera is a viewport which isnt a spatial node and the camera needs to be a child of the viewport (or does it?). The way i fixed this was by setting the global transform of the camera manually in script every frame.

Is setting it in code the only option, it's doable but kinda feels messy

Yes it is messy but sadly I think it is the only option.

I actually found a better solution, remote transform it keeps a node the same position as it's self including hierarchical structure

Thanks, I never knew about that.

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