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I'm trying to have several tabs(colorRects) displayed in the tab container but they inherit a margin from the tab container that offsets them from the left, top, right, and bottom. Respectively, the inherited values are 4,8,-4,-4.

The problem is, I want the colorrects to be flush along with the tab container but I don't see a place I can override the default behavior. Is there a way around this?

edit : images isn't showing well.
visual of margin
visual of scene heirarchy

The gray space is the margin I want to get rid of

Godot version 3.2.3 stable release
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In the TabContainer's properties, give it a theme (near the bottom). In that theme, click "Edit Theme" then "Add Class Items" and put in TabContainer. Then your theme should have received extra properties on the right. In TabContainer/Constants set the margins to 0.
You can save your theme to a file to give multiple TabContainers the same theme.

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