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How do I access the list of a project's available plugins in a tool script?
My goal is to create an editor plugin with a docked control that lists all the available plugins and allows the user to toggle their status, just like the standard plugin setting screen but in a docked panel for quick access (so I can test another plugin without opening that).
I searched the docs and a few help forums, but I'm still not sure where that's exposed, if it is at all.

Godot version 3.2.3
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Of course, one option is to just parse every .cfg file

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Nope I don't think its exposed. I think the engine just goes trough the addons folder looking for plugin.cfg files. Nothing you cant do in gdscript.

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I started writing one and remembered the Asset Library.
https://github.com/godot-extended-libraries/godot-plugin-refresher (I have not tried this quite yet, just posting for future searchers. No reason to believe it won't work)
Glad I looked as well; learned about the native ConfigFile class. I had been writing my own parser.

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