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tried Globals.set("name",value) but cant figure out how to do this with array.

edit: and how to work with these arrays.

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I would recommend you to Use Singletons

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How about Globals.set("name", [])? Anyway, I'm not sure Globals are for global properties. A good practice is to use autoload.

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what if i want to change only 1cell of this array?
im new to godot but in python you just array[number] = something
Globals.set() just for 1cell doesnt make sense to me

Create, fill and set the array:

Globals.set("arrayName", [1, "whatever", 3.0])

Create and set empty array:

Globals.set("arrayName", [])

Add something to already created array in Globals:


Change first value in array:

Globals.get("arrayName")[0] = 5
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