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The reason I ask this question is because I heard that the 3d is being revamped for 3.0. So I was wondering if it would still be worth diving into the 3d part of things. I'm a 3d modeler mostly and currently learning programming. I would dive into the 2d aspect of godot which felt more simplistic but I'm not that great at making 2d graphics other than something pre-rendered in blender with modified shaders.

So is it worth the time to invest and would it make a huge difference to just wait since things might be more better/easier?

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Godot 3 may have little changes everywhere and 3D will get a lot better, basic stuff will stay there, scripts will get improvements also shader language.

If current 3D status of Godot is enough for you, you can work with it and wait until 3.1 where worst 3.0 bugs may be fixed and some porting tutorials/scripts will be around too (plain X.0 stable versions use to be risky for production).

Thank you for the reply. I guess for now I'll just work with the 3d currently and work on a test project or something until 3.1 like you stated. I also agree with waiting till 3.1 as tutorials won't show up until after and Godot is slightly increasing in community it may seem.

You can start to work now with the Godot default material and wait 3.0 and the PBR, to work on your materials. According to Juan, a tool will be provided for the migration to 3.0.
3.1 version will be compatible with 3.0 so you can develop on 3.0 and release later on 3.1.

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There's one set of beliefs that says you should start and finish your project on the same version of your development tools. Not everyone agrees but I would try and stick with that idea, especially as they're planning on breaking a lot of things in the 3.x build of Godot. If you want to do 3d in Godot now I'd probably stick with 2.1 even after 3 has been released. That's all i can really offer.

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Thanks for the fast reply, I guess for now I can just work on a different test project in the meantime until 3.1 releases.

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