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So I added and setup a Quad to a 3D scene to do some testing, and when I exit the scene it will throw these errors into the console:

Based resources missing amount: 1
ERROR: VisualServerRaster::finish: Condition ' instancedependencymap.size() ' is true.
At: servers\visual\visualserverraster.cpp:7736

Is this a bug that anyone is familiar with, should I report it, or am I missing something?

I tried to free them as part of exittree() as well, but that had no effect.

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Got something like that too when changing scene in a project (only while changing to one specific scene) but didn't knew what caused that, I have thought was an Environment but was unable to replicate, I had a quad on each scene too but never suspected of that node.

I think it could be a bug somewhere, on Quad (if dissappears after removing it) or VisualServerRaster messages (an error that is not an error?).

Yeah it went away when I deleted it.

So I don't know what the problem is under the hood.

I'll just import my own quads.

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