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I'll work on a project, get some sprites down, even have a Tile map all set up, then out of nowhere all of the Nodes become invisible and placing things becomes a gamble on whether or not I can remember where everything I already placed was, when I go to debug they show up just fine in the demo, what can I do to fix this? It's incredibly discouraging when I'm trying to learn and can't see what I'm doing.

Godot version Godot v 3.2.3-Stable_win_64
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Do you have different tabs open along the top containing your different nodes?

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You probably opened another view by accident. There are the four "2D 3D Script AssetLib" at the top, as well as tabs directly bellow them, where you can switch from one scene to another. Additionally, the Node tree shares it's location with the Import menu, with their tabs on the top just below the menu bar.

Another possibility is that you closed your scene, by clicking on the X of it's tab.

If none of those where your issue, try taking a screenshot and sending it.

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