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Hello! I am having difficulties in setting bitmask for this tileset. The floor near to any wall, should be different with normal floor. I have no idea how to draw the bitmask on this tileset. Anyone please help to give me a guides on this.

Here is my current bitmask setting:

Here is the original file i get from itch io:

Godot version 3.2.2
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The tileset appears to have a bunch of repeated tiles. You should use the same bitmask for them and the tilemap placer will randomly choose between them. Here is how you should draw the bitmasks if you want to use all of the tiles (if you don't just don't set a bitmask for them).

enter image description here

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Hi! Thank you for your help. I have tried with your bitmask setting, but ends up like this ( https://ibb.co/8733hFn ). Do you know how to make the the correct floor tile will always stick to the correct corner of wall?

Sorry, there's no way for the autotiler to do that right now. It only checks for neighboring tiles, not neighbors of neighbors. You could increase the cell size and use 32 by 32 cells, though. In fact, I think the tiles here might be 32 by 32.

I see. Isit possible to make a wall only tilemap out from this tileset? Meaning I using this tileset and generate into wall tilemap and also floor tilemap, separately. Given if with 16*16. I am just begin to understand how tilemap and autotile works. Would like to knows what is the best practice for processing autotile here.

Yeah, you can add multiple sets of tiles to one TileMap.

Alright, thanks!

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