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Pretty much what the title says I am using randomize() in the ready function and yet my number stays the same in game and when I restart the game.

here is a pasteall link with my code in it,(Dont worry it only has a few lines)


Godot version 3.2.3
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Do you happen to still have the pasteall of that erroneous code? (I assume you deleted it- if not then something's just wrong with the site at the moment so disregard)
I know you said you fixed it but I'm still having the problem and I'd like to see where you went wrong before you figured it out

simply put randomize() in the ready function

like so:

extends Spatial

func _ready():

func onAreabodyentered(body):
var number = randi() % 100 + 1
if body is Player:
if number < 30:
print("The number is less then 30 and is " + str(number))

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Okay I figured it out, it seems the number var needs to be in a function so it actually gets updated and is random, well Im leaving it up for others who make a noob mistake like me.

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You said you are leaving it, so do you know a way to delete a question here?

You can click the "hide" button next to the edit button.

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