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As much as i tested the game and keep everething working for me, there is always a little problem caused by a script that was unable to prevent a bug, and the player sent me a message with a print screen that dont sayd nothing about the real problem and i need to try to repeat the scenario and reproduce the bug to try to find a sollution.

Im using the firebase and crashlytics with my game, but crashlytics just catchs crashes and explicitly sent exceptions, but i cant predict every possible bug to collect data about it.

When the game throws a script error, it just prints the error on console and keeps the game going.

I want know if there is an way to be notified when any script error occurs globally to address it and send it to crashlytics.


Godot version 3.2.3
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Have you tried looking through the symbols and variable values presented in the debugger panel? When an error occurs, maybe look through that?

The debugger is a excelente tool while im developing the game, but what i need is a solution for debug errors remotely in player's devices.

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