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I was using this website androidapks.com to update "google play services" and "google play store" and when I go to download it shows up with a warning sign that it may be harmful to my device.. has anybody had any experience with using this website is it harmful?

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i don't have experience in androidapks.com but the warning u got, u will get at all websites when u want to download an apk from browser.

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but it doesn't look like a fake website or scam and it does have a ssl certificate. i would trust it

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Yeah, as felaix said, though it doesn't look like a scam or fake site, I would recommend you do not download apps or update apps or services from anywhere outside the Play Store. You'll be on the safer side. And even if it does show a message about updating something, you should first check it on Play Store and if any updates are available you do it from there (Play Store) ONLY.

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