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Hi, dears,
I faced a strange issue, I work on my game for weeks and run in Android from design mode, but since yesterday run on android show blackScreen while I could export the game as apk and Install it on android device.
could you please guide me? Is there any extra info need to find the reason?


Godot version 3.2.3
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If you are seeing a splash screen, then I think it's building the APK OK.

I've had a black screen once, when I was trying to load a resource with an underscore in it's name and when I'd got filename case mixed up, uppercase in the script and lower case in the filename. Windows doesn't care, but Android does.

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thanks, I guessed I faced this issue after I added the splash screen. is it possible occurred for that reason?

Yeah could be. As I said, mine was clear cut. Underscores and mixed case.
I avoid underscores in filenames now. I can't draw so I'd downloaded a graphics pack that was full of underscores. I use bulk rename utility to remove them all.

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