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Every time I try to use the onready var to reference a node, it always loads everything before the onready var. Making the variable null. I don't want to have to keep referencing global nodes in the _ready() function if I don't have to.

onready var section = $level 

func _ready():

func build_map():

Attempt to call function 'get_name' in base 'null instance' on a null instance.

Godot version 3.2
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I have this same issue. I had a working game, and all of a sudden the node variables declared as 'onready' stopped working and gave 'null' results as if they didn't exist in the scene. I tried everything to get it to work, and found a work-around which is to declare the variables in the _ready function but that is just messy and doesn't seem right.

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onready is always executed before _ready() function. $ is just shortcut to get_node function. If you are adding level node in build_map function, then onready will return null. You can add level node in Editor so it always exists and modify your build_map to reuse already existing node.

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So, I don't understand. You say onready is always executed before _ready(), than my question is: why does adding my level node to my build_map function return null? Especially, if onready DOES in-fact execute first? Shouldn't my print work then?

Is there level node in editor? Or do you create it dynamically?

It's a 2D node that is already in the editor. It has another 2D node as it's first child.
I've noticed that when I print(section.get_child(0)) it actually prints the objects type and ID just fine, but when I print(section.get_name()) it claims I'm calling get_name() on a null object. I don't get it.

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