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I'm new to Godot, and i know i have to research stuff before asking, but i tried but i don't know exactly where to look. At least with your help i might find some leads as to how to do what i want, thanks.
My end goal is to move sand like objects,
I want to know how to make it seem like , to put it simply, i am moving sand with a stick, this is the simplest way i can put it.
A rectangular sand box and i am displacing the sand with some other object like lets say a stick.
From my limited knowledge i am imagining 3D texture displacement ,or differences in elevation in the 3D texture..
Thanks in advance, an leads are appreciated!

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there are so many way to accomplish this that it is not possible to answer.
firstly, you have to decide what you are trying to accomplish: change mesh vertex displacement? change texture with shaders? simulate particle movement with physic? other?
Only after you can look for information on HOW to do it.

I suggest to start looking from the technique is used to create snow on videogames.


or dynamic texture movement with shaders

Also, this YouTuber released this video today which is very comprensive


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