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I've looked at other questions asked in a similar vein. I've tried changing the resolution and from fullscreen to borderless, and tried changing which scene is actually playing in the project settings. Any assistance would be super appreciated! I went through my code, no problems as I even copy pasted the correct one over top to be sure.

Here's what I'm looking at.

Godot version 3.2.3
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Are you sure you're playing the Scene which is not empty ? Sounds like you're playing an empty scene. Maybe you selected an empty scene as main Scene and you're playing that ?

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Did you you include a camera in your scene? If you scene is lacking a camera, Godot will only render a grey screen.

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Another possibility is that you forget to add_child(new_scene) when calling it from the main scene.
If that is true, I'd suggest you to learn more following some tutorial on Youtube, cause you are going to face more of these situations when you don't know what's happening. You'll need broader knowledge of how Godot works.

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