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Hi, newbie here crossing over from Unity, I often like to refer to other c# classes I might have declared in my project e,g:

public class Foo
  private Bar bar;

  public void init()
     bar = new Bar();

In GDScript I am trying to declare bar like so:


extends Spatial

class_name Foo

var bar: Bar


extends Node

class_name Bar

But I get the following error:
'The identifier "Bar" isn't a valid type'

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dont know if i understood the question correctly, but if you want the Bar to have all the properties and methods of Foo plus whatever you add to the Bar script, you can extend it from the Foo script

extend "res://Foo.gd"
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In case of external text editor (such as Visual Studio Code) you might have to restart Godot Editor to update classnames and methods (I use Godot 3.2.3 and I have to restart Godot to refresh methods and classnames, or VSCode highlights lines as warnings/errors).

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