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I need to implement to deduction coin for every 1 minute from user.

I would do this in my Player.gd

var game_started = false
var time_start = 0
var time_now = 0
func _process(delta):
   if game_started == true:

func start(pos):
    print("clicked start the game");
    time_start = OS.get_unix_time()
    game_started = true

How to can I call or execute a function deduct_one_coin_every_one_minute(uid)

Godot version 3.2.3
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You can use a Timer node to achieve that.

  1. Create a Timer node in the scene tree dock.
  2. Configure the Timer to have a Wait Time of 60 seconds, disable Autostart and Oneshot. When the game starts, call the start() method on the Timer node: $Timer.start() (if your Timer node is a child of the node the script is attached to)
  3. Connect its timeout signal to a new method in your script.
  4. In the new method, deduct 1 coin from the player's coin count.
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Could you guide with code rather with editor?

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