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I have a TextureRect with a GradientTexture. I'm trying to get a pixel at a given position. I follow the accepted answer of this question:

var texture_rect = get_node("../TextureRect")
var texture = texture_rect.get_texture()
var data = texture.get_data()
print(position, ": ", data.get_pixelv(position).to_html(false))

I get:

(447.540558, 218.679306): 000000

even though the color in that position is not 00000. How do I fix this?

Godot version v3.1.1-stable
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GradientTexture produces one-dimensional texture (2048x1 by default). If you use it for TextureRect it will just fill and repeat the texture along the region.

To workaround this, you can create a Viewport node containing TextureRect, and then fetch the resulting viewport texture with $viewport.get_texture(), from which you can download Image with ViewportTexture.get_data().

Also, consider supporting the proposal for adding GradientTexture2D class in Godot.

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