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Hi, i have a script where looked for a player in my area2D entered and if a player entered it must be draw a line but it doesnt work.

Here my script:

extends KinematicBody2D

export(Color) var color

onready var rr = $RR

func _process():

func _draw():

func _on_CanvasModulate_draw():

    for body in rr.get_overlapping_bodies(): #rr is my area2D
        can_draw = true

        var pos : Vector2 = body.position
        var self_pos : Vector2 = self.position
        draw_line(self_pos, pos , color, 1)
Godot version 3.2.3
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Change body.position to to_local(body.global_position) to make the positions relative to the position of the node attached to the script.
Node.position is the position relative to the parent, but draw_line actually needs to have the position relative to the node it's called from.
Also, since the positions are relative to the current position, self_pos can actually be completely replaced with Vector2.ZERO.
There is a question about global and local coordinates, too, if you want to learn more:
So the function would be draw_line(Vector2.ZERO, to_local(body.global_position).
Hope this is helful :)

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