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Hello everyone.
I am newbie at godot and trying to move kinematicbody on certain path. I did it with pathway's offset property but couldn't detect collision with another kinematicbody.

I want my kinematicbody move forward for a while and turn left or right and move towards that direction for a bit too. I can do it with manually with Vector3(1,0,0) and Vector3(0,0,1) but I want it turn with slightly curved path. Like car turning right,left or u turn.

Is there any way to move kinematicbody on predefined path with moveandcollide?

Godot version 3.2.3
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Does the path include a collection of Vector3 objects? If so, those can be used with move_and_collide() to move the node in the desired direction.

Thank for answer. Yes Path include Vector3 objects and it worked. It works strange a little bit but I can continue from that point.

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