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I have a singleton script DataImport.gd and there is an importdata() function within the script. I am trying to get the timing of importing data right with call_deferred on this function within GameRoot node(and game options).

Can I do this and what is the syntax ? Tried with funcref but unable to make it work.

Not ok;


Also not ok:

var load_data_ref = funcref(DataImport,"importdata")

Any help appreciated.

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Hello, thank you for a reply. Still errors out:
E 0:00:06.791 callfunction: Error calling deferred method: 'Node(DataImport.gd)::loaddataref': Method not found..
<C++ Source> core/messagequeue.cpp:253 @ _callfunction()

Typo, the function name is importdata, try that.

Great, thank you.

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