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hi, this is my first question im very beginner to godot, Im making a simple turn based game similar to hearbeast tutorial.
On extending his tutorial, Now my enemy does only damage in his turn
But i want him to pick random move in his turn such as healing...
This is my damage code in enemy scene :

func deal_damage():
damage = rng.randi_range(4,10)
BattleUnits.PlayerStats.hp -= damage

Should i create func healhp like that,Even after creating function healphp how can i make my enemy to pick any one move in his turn
This is my attack code in enemy scene

func attack() -> void:
yield(get_tree().create_timer(0.4), "timeout")
yield(animationPlayer, "animation_finished")

This is my code in battle scene

func start_enemy_turn():
var enemy = BattleUnits.Enemy
if enemy != null and not enemy.is_queued_for_deletion():
    yield(enemy, "end_turn")

Is using function is a right way OR
Is there any other better solution to determine enemy to pick a random move in his turn... Please I need help

Godot version 3.2.3
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You could do something like this (inside enemy) :
const moves := ["heal", "attack", "attack", "defend"]
var next_moves := []
func play():
. if next_moves.empty(): // Refill on moves
. . next_moves = moves.duplicate()
. . next_moves.shuffle()
. var action: String= next_moves.pop_front()
. call(action) //Call a function by name
func heal():
. pass
func attack():
. pass
func defend():
. pass

This allows you to easily change what the enemy can do as it goes, by adding or removing elements from moves.

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works very well

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