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The game I’m making has scene transitions when you enter different areas. However, upon returning to a scene you’ve already been in, it reverts back to the way it was before runtime. If I just needed to store a few variables, I could keep them loaded in a singleton, but I plan to expand on the game quite a bit and it would be really nice to have a way to just save the entire scene. Is this feasible for large maps? If so, how could I do it? Thanks in advance :)

Godot version 3.0
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You can save a scene like this:

func save_scene():
    var file_path = "res://your_scene.tscn"
    var scene = PackedScene.new()

Note that when instancing or removing nodes from this scene, you have to set the owner or it won't get saved.

When instancing a new node:

$new_node.owner = root_node_of_your_scene

When removing a node:

$node_to_remove.owner = null

And make sure you don't override your original scene.

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How do you then load the packed scene?

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