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i have a question tho.. what if i want to make it a random tscn(i already made a bunch) in push of a button, i already put a script :

extends Node2D

var rumahKecil = ["res://TSCN/Rumah1.tscn","res://TSCN/Rumah2.tscn","res://TSCN/Rumah3.tscn"]

func onButtonpressed():

but im confuse to randomize it. thank you in advance.
i don't know what randomize to use ?

Godot version godot 3.2
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You're probably looking for something like this:

var scene = rumahKecil[randi() % rumahKecil.size()]

That should pick one of the elements in your array, and then change to it.

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hi ! it works, but when i pressed it. it alwasy give me the scene 3. do you know why?

oh nvm.. i put randomize() in the top.. it works wonderfull.. thank you so muchh!!

Yep, calling randomize() is the correct solution. I meant to post that, but somehow missed it. And, you really just need to call it once for your entire application - like once in a _ready() function somewhere...

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