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I'm testing some simple code on GDNative with C to get more comfortable with it, and I've encountered a strange problem.

Basically, every single function I've tried from the api that involves a non-variant type, such as dictionaries and vector2s compiles just fine, but when linking through the engine it returns a error like this:

ERROR: open_dynamic_library: Can't open dynamic library: /home/<myuser>/hobby/Chess/lib/bin/libengine.so. Error: /home/<myuser>/hobby/Chess/lib/bin/libengine.so: undefined symbol: godot_variant_new_vector2

I'm not that advanced a C programmer neither do I know enough about the inner workings of the engine, but it appears that the api itself doesn't match the function names on the godot_headers repositiory.

Godot version Godot 3.2.3
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Try asking on Discord or IRC (#godotengine-gdnative @ chat.freenode.net), it may be more active than this place for GDNative questions.

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