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Hi, I'm new at Godot,
I want to instantiate a node at some point in 3d using GDScript. I found examples about how to do that in 2d, but I cannot find a solution for 3d.

I put my code bellow to show what I'm traying to do. At code, Cube and CubeWater are StaticBody:

extends Spatial

var rng = RandomNumberGenerator.new()

# Nature blocks
var Cube = preload("res://0Proves/ProceduralGeneration/Cube.tscn")
var CubeWater = preload("res://0Proves/ProceduralGeneration/CubeWater.tscn")

# Size of the world
var WorldSize : Array = [32, 32]
# Positions of the world, starts fixing x and varying z
var WorldPositions : Array = []

func _ready():
    for i in range(WorldPositions.size()):
        WorldPositions[i] =  rng.randi_range(0,1)
        # default tile: Cube
        var nodeToAdd = Cube.instance()
        if WorldPositions[i] == 0:
        elif WorldPositions[i] == 1:
            nodeToAdd = CubeWater.instance()
            print("Something went wrong")
        #nodeToAdd.position= Vector3(1,0,1) # I tried a random position
Godot version 3.2.3
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In 3d it is

nodeToAdd.translation = Vector3(1,0,1)

You can see the real name for coding when you hover over a property in the editor.

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For 3D the property is called translation
You can use a Position3D node, place it exactly where you want
nodeToAdd.translation = $Position3D.translation

Hope this helps :)

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