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How would I make a camera follow one character and keep both characters in focus like the way the Naruto storm series do it, or most 3d fighting games?

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not sure if i understood correctly but like, do you want to place 1 camera on the shoulder of p1 and make sure p2 is always visible?

Yes. Exactly that

So i had a look at this Naruto fighter and it had so many VFX during battles the camera trickery was hidden very well. Until the characters started running on walls was able to understand that the camera operated with these rules in mind

Firstly the camera tracks a point at the center of the combatants
Secondly the distance between them dictated a zoom in or out
Camera strafes left or right in a rotation of the combatants position and the central point

You've managed to pique my interest so will work on a demo

Thanks. I'll try to work out camera movements with the information you provided

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This is an amazing tutorial by KidsCanCode

This is tutorial is for 2D but hopefully you can tweak the code to work for 3D

Hope it helps :)

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Thank you. Tweaking ahead

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