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Hi guys. i'd like to change my cursor (preferably by a Singleton, so i can change it anytime). Is there any way to change it to an Animated Sprite?

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You can't use an animated hardware cursor, but you can use a software cursor that's represented by an AnimatedSprite (or Sprite + AnimationPlayer). Simply move the sprite's position every frame in _process() to the cursor's position. Keep in mind there will be an 1-frame lag compared to an hardware cursor, which makes this a bad idea for fast-paced games.

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Can't you do it with _physics_process(delta) and it will be every frame or will that be the same?

On high refresh rate monitors, it will be even worse if you use _physics_process() instead of _process() to move the cursor.

One way you could use to decrease the perceived latency is to extrapolate the cursor position, but doing so will introduce jittering.

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