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I downloaded godot mono because I'm interested in learning c#, but when I open up the project I get this popup:

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So I shouldn't develop games in C# right?

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From what I understand It means that in the alpha phase you can run into issues which hinder your production. But since it's a fully open source engine, if you can overcome these issues nobody will stop you from releasing with this version.

I also use C#, and I haven't run into any such issue although I started using Godot quite recently and I'm at the very beginning of the development.

Considering that production release is far down the road for me, I think by the time it will be relevant It's gonna be in beta already. In worst case scenario If i must I can convert my scripts to gd, It's not a big deal. I've already converted tutorial gd scripts to c# and it was easy, fast and straight forward, should be the same in the other direction as well.

But once again, I'm new to Godot, so maybe I'm not the best person to give advises, but this is how I personally approach this warning.

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I see. Thanks for your input. Best of luck in your projects.

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