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I have made a custom button: Custom button, TextureRect+label -> https://ibb.co/0DTh0vs
And I want to make it 2 status active and desactive (that change the text colour). The code that i attach to "HBoxContainer" Node is the next one:

func activate() -> void:
    modulate = activateColor

func desactivate() -> void:
    modulate = desactivateColor

func _on_mouse_entered() -> void:
    print("mouse enter the button")
    emit_signal("mouse_over_button", rect_position.y - rect_size.y/2)

func _on_mouse_left() -> void:
    print("mouse left the button")

But this only work when the mouse cursor is directly touching the HBoxContainer node and don't work when is on the icon or the text and I want to works on all the surface of the button.

Any ideas?

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Try to set the mousefilter for TextureRect and Label to Ignore.
And HBoxContainer mouse
filter to Stop.

enter image description here

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner :)
It works, thanks.

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