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i was trying to make my player to dash in a short amount of time. But it dashed once and didnt dash again at all. And there was no issue with my scripting. And i think timer nodes might doesnt work well inside signals. or there is a problem with my scriipting?

And i was trying to troubleshoot, then what i found is that cool_down node doesnt start.

Here is my script:

dash_av = 1

if Input.isactionjustpressed("player1dash") and Input.isactionpressed("uiright"):
if Input.is
actionjustpressed("player1dash") and Input.isactionpressed("uileft"):

func dash():
maxspeed = 1500
motion.y += gravity * 2
acc = 2000
av = 0

func ondashtimetimeout():
maxspeed = 500
acc = 100

func ondashcooldowntimeout():
dash_av = 1

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Here is the code I test, it work.

var dash_av = 1

func _ready():
    $dash_time.one_shot = true
    $dash_cooldown.one_shot = true

func _input(event):
    if event is InputEventKey:
        if Input.is_action_pressed("ui_right") and dash_av == 1:
        if Input.is_action_pressed("ui_left") and dash_av == 1:

func dash():
    dash_av = 0

func dash_time_timeout():

func dash_cooldown_timeout():
    dash_av = 1
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TY so much, it worked

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