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I know how to get the length of a vector 2 but there is something similar for rotation.

velocity =  Vector2()
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Not sure I follow. What do you consider the length of a rotation? Maybe the length of the arc segment between rotationA and rotationB at some (yet-to-be-specified) distance?

If you mean how to get the rotation from a Node2D, just use its rotation property as follows:


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Both jgodfrey and _magicalogic_ are right: You can't get a "length of rotation" without specifying a radius. You can either get the angle with $My_Node.rotation (like _magicalogic_ said), or get the length of the arc segment at a specific radius, like jgodfrey said. For the latter, there's no inbuilt function (as far as I'm aware), but you can easily create one yourself:

func get_length_of_rotation (angle: float, radius: float) -> float:
    var circumference : float = 2.0 * PI * radius
    var fraction : float = angle / (2.0 * PI)
    return circumference / fraction
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