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When click on play scene the window doesn't display the scene, I have set the main scene and saved as tscn, I tried other versions in different OS and happens the same problem, I'm running on gnu/linux 32 bits. I think I need libs but don't know which ones.

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More details needed, like the scene structure.

Try to be the most detailed you can, remember others need to try to understand what are you doing or trying to do.

That sounds weird. Is there something Godot tells you when you do that? In the console?
What did you put in the scene you set as main?

I have a sprite with a texture in 2D. I tested it now and only renders nodes inside that small blue square, Is that OK?, how can I make a game if I have to keep in that portion of screen?

Can you share a screenshot of what you see in the editor and when you run the scene?

this is the editor:

enter image description here

when running the game:

enter image description here

Sorry, the images are too small. Can you them in accurate resolution?
From what I can see it actually looks all right. You created a sprite covering a tiny area, Godot draws a sprite with a tiny area. If you want more, you have to add more, use a TileMap, or something else.

Okay, that's what I needed to know, I'll be looking tutorials. Thank you

From what I see the game shows what you did.
You need to change some settings and add other stuff like a camera to manage zoom, there are lot of tutorials (video and text) around to get started, also the docs are a must read for the basics.

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