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I want to play a sound based on the frame of animation and I want it to play only once when the frame is first introduced. I got it working like this:

var stepPlayed = false

func stateRun():
    $AnimatedSprite.animation = "Run"

    if $AnimatedSprite.frame == 0 or $AnimatedSprite.frame == 4:
        if StepPlayed == false:
            stepPlayed = true

    elif $AnimatedSprite.frame != 0 and $AnimatedSprite.frame != 4:
        stepPlayed = false

I believe this isn't the most efficient way to do it since it can create tons of variables. Is there a way to solve it with declaring a variable in the scope of the stateRun() function? Or any even better ways to do it?

I know the problem can be approached with the AnimationPlayer node, but I don't really like this solution because it creates a bunch of other problems.

And I sometimes encounter similar problems when coding not only with sound and animations, but generally with variables that need to be changed at the end of physicsprocess(delta) and their state is read in the beginning of physicsprocess(delta).

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I am a low level programmer and i can just suggest my approach.
GDScript dont support static variables so you need to make them global, if you need that a frame is only played once then you need to make an array(local to the module that is using it) parallel to each frame:

var playedframes[frames_num] = []

Fill it with zeros (int) and the beginning of your program,and when a frame is played you set it to 1,if is 1 then it's played and you dont' play it again:

if playedframes[$AnimatedSprite.frame]==0:
          play it
          playedframes[$AnimatedSprite.frame]=1    # set it to played

In your code there is a redundance by the way,this code is not needed:

elif $AnimatedSprite.frame != 0 and $AnimatedSprite.frame != 4:
        stepPlayed = false

I suggest you to design your code structure better BEFORE writing lines to have an optimal result.

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