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Hi everyone, did anyone put the analytics of gameAnalytics?

included plugin GameAnalytic for android in export

checked if (Engine.has_singleton ("GameAnalytics")):
permissions included 2:
- internet
- Access network state
and the code wrote

running on the emulator does not show that 1 user is logged in
what could be the mistake?

var GameAnalytics
func ready () {
if (Engine.has
singleton ("GameAnalytics")):
GameAnalytics = Engine.get_singleton ("GameAnalytics")
GameAnalytics.setEnabledInfoLog (true)
GameAnalytics.setEnabledVerboseLog (true)

GameAnalytics.configureBuild ("0.1.1")

GameAnalytics.configureAvailableCustomDimensions01 (["ninja", "samurai"])
GameAnalytics.configureAvailableCustomDimensions02 (["whale", "dolphin"])
GameAnalytics.configureAvailableCustomDimensions03 (["horde", "alliance"])
GameAnalytics.configureAvailableResourceCurrencies (["gold", "gems"])
GameAnalytics.configureAvailableResourceItemTypes (["boost", "lives"])

GameAnalytics.init (["key wrote"], ["secret key"])

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