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I met this error

exception thrown: RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds

when I play the game in HTML5 and never run into it when I use it in local godot play. It happens randomly, but mostly happened when there are lots of items on the screen(but not too many, like 20-30 sprites, I don't think it should cause out of memory issue..) Is there a way to figure out what cause the problem?
I'm using Godot 3.2.3 stable version.

Here is a more detailed stack track:
it at first get some errors about
ERROR: Condition "pelem->root != this" is true.
then an exception thrown:
exception thrown: RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds,RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds
at dlmalloc (:wasm-function[752]:0x32b2f)
at Memory::allocstatic(unsigned long, bool) (:wasm-function[533]:0x2a5f6)
at CowData::resize(int) (:wasm-function[10222]:0x1db9eb)
at String::resize(int) (:wasm-function[1683]:0x63ed8)
at String::copy
from(char const) (:wasm-function[13539]:0x2914b5)
at String::String(char const
) (:wasm-function[524]:0x29f20)
at GDScriptFunctionState::getclassnamev() const (:wasm-function[56653]:0xbd7050)
at Object::
postinitialize() (:wasm-function[571]:*******)
at GDScriptFunction::call(GDScriptInstance*, Variant const**, int, Variant::CallError&, GDScriptFunction::CallState*) (:wasm-function[2765]:0x8d8a0)
at GDScriptFunctionState::resume(Variant const&) (:wasm-function[19615]:0x354a2d)
Then uncaught error of the same error and game get freeze..

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This generally occur when you try to call an non-existing function or when using undeclared variable

edit : can you provide the script in which this error occurs

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