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Hello everyone,

I've been trying to recompile Godot with this voronoi module but if fails during the module's compilation, printing me this error : "can't find object.h".

I've properly git cloned both godot source code and the module's files into a correctly nammed "voronoi" directory - apparently necessary for compilation -, but it seems that I'm doing something wrong. It's been two days that I struggle on this, if someone could enlight me I'd be very grateful !

Thanks for reading

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are you SURE you cloned the 3.1.1 branch? the module is intended for 3.1.1 and other branches(and main in particular) may not be compatible

I skipped that line in the README file, you're correct : my Godot version isn't the good one. This should be the issue, what I don't understand know is why this error in particular : headers have been moved ? And what is "core" in the #include <core/object.h> ? I have very little experience with C++ and GIT, maybe that's a really simple or dumb thing hahaha

I dont have much experience with cpp but afaik the 4.x branch is pretty much the most core refactoring it can get, with new renderers, new gdscript interpeter and pretty much most of the engine's back-end will be new.

I've done it all again, an ultimate time, and it seems that each time I was wrong either on the branch or not specifying submodules recusivity, well I've finally made it when doing all accordingly, and it seems to be compatible with 3.2 at the end !
Thank you for answering

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