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I have a game in which a user can buy different amounts of gold as consumable item.

I am confused as of what to do after i initiate var purchase = IAP.purchase['1000_gold]

What I am trying to ask is -

Where does the flow go after .purchase in the previous plug in it was a callback `_on_purchase_success _on_purchase_failed` etc.

I want to set it to consume and add it to a dictionary for gold, I am thinking of doing this in `_on_purchase_aknowledged`

func _on_purchase_acknowledged(purchase_token):

`print("Purchase acknowledged: %s" % purchase_token)`

`var query = payment.queryPurchases("inapp") # Or "subs" for subscriptions`

`if query.status == OK:`

    `for purchase in query.purchases:`

        `if purchase.sku == "1000chips":`

if !purchase.is_acknowledged:


And in purchase_consumed callback

func _on_purchase_consumed(purchase_token):

`print("Purchase consumed successfully: %s" % purchase_token)`

`ChipsManager.chips_info['chips'] += int(1000)`


Is this right? Can anyone help?

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