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I.e. when the e in "real" it's clicked, a and l also have to return to the letterbox along with e letter.

func _ready():
    for i in range(4):
        for j in range(4):
            var tile:LetterTile = Letter.instance()
            # warning-ignore:return_value_discarded
            tile.connect("tile_clicked", self, "on_tile_clicked", [tile])
            tile.position = Vector2(i * TILESIZE, j * TILESIZE)
            tile.box_position = tile.position

func on_tile_clicked(tile:LetterTile):
    var start_pos = tile.global_position
    if tile.get_parent().name == "LetterBox":
        if word_node_erased == true:
            word_node_erased = false
        tile.global_position = start_pos
        current_word += tile.letter_value
        #This part i mean.
        var tile_position = tile.get_position_in_parent()
        $Tween.interpolate_property(tile,"position", start_pos - $LetterBox.position, tile.box_position,0.2,Tween.TRANS_LINEAR)
        current_word = current_word.substr(0, tile_position) + current_word.substr(tile_position + 1, current_word.length())

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I changed the code in my original Github repository. Here's what you would need to change in your code:


I basically moved the removal code in an own function, which is called not only for the clicked letter, but for all following letters as well.

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