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how to make a PinJoint2D between two existing RigidBody2D from script?
Thanks in advance.

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I'm sorry , I correct immediately...

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Resolved: before create joint must be to set a name for object instance

    for i in range(NUM_PARTS): 

      var p = part.instance()


      var pospartX = get_pos().x - 24*(i+1)
      var pospartY = get_pos().y

      p.set_pos(Vector2(pospartX, pospartY))


    for i in range(2,NUM_PARTS):

      var j = PinJoint2D.new()
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Hello, I am trying to do a rope and I have a similar problem.
In which function did you run that code? the _ready? or _init?

In _ready function

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I may have found, the code should be this :

    var joint = PinJoint2D.new()
    joint.set_node_b()    #this is a problem with instance object

The problem comes with the object instances . The argument of " set_node_a " and " set_node_b " functions takes the path to the object.
But how to do when the object is created at runtime (instance()) ?

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