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I am new to godot and have been following along to 2-3 different tutorials making a couple different projects. At first everything ran just fine but now I try going back and running some of the files and they won't run. By that I mean I hit the play scene button the Output is "--- Debugging process started---" but nothing ever happens. I create a new project and write very simple stuff and it runs fine. Then close and open and it runs fine. But as soon as I open the script and try to run I get the same problem. Only thing Ive noticed in the command window thing when it runs fine theres a line that says --position 448,240 and when it doesn't run fine it says --position -1472,240 not sure if that has anything to do with anything. I can hit F8 stop scene and get back to the editor but can test my game. Really want to learn this but hitting this roadblock early on is very frustrating.
Using:Windows10, godotv3.2.3-stablewin64.exe, openGL ES3.0

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