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I need to convert and display number in such a way that it has always taken 2 characters.

Let's say we have a variable "n" which takes values from 0 to 99. If you run:

var n=1

I can get the text to "1" while the need to "01". However, if the variable "n" is >9, the "0" at the front not necessary to add.

How to do it?

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var n=1
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Seems to be the clearest way to do it, thanks :)

Oh whaaat?! And here I've been constructing number strings digit by digit.

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var n = 1
n = "%02d" % [n]
print (n)


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It wasn't my question, but thank you so much for the answer! I'm gonna use it.

Don't need to create an array for a single entry, i.e. "%02d" % n should also work.

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