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All I'm trying to do i position a popup in my game. After so much frustration, I came to ask here. Why can't I position my popup above the x origin line and have it also above that line in game?? I'm so perplexed. The popup stops short of going above that line no matter where I position it.

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Hi Pluto1. Can you share some screenshots so people in the forum can see the problem? Also, if you can share how you are positioning the popup (in a script?), maybe somebody can help with that.

Ope you know what, I kinda sorta figured it out. I guess I was hung up and didn't do full due diligence. Turns out the popup stops short of appearing anywhere outside of the viewport when I run the game. However, my world that I want popups to appear in (in a fixed location) is 100x larger than the viewport. I don't know how to access the viewport, though.

I already have camera that follows the player, Edit: I just need to place able to place popups outside of the "main" viewport and still have them appear in that location

I need the answer to this as well.

Lol well this is old. I haven’t touched Godot in awhile and I can honestly say with confidence I remember that I just used something else (not a popup) and coded and added elements to it as I needed, to act like a popup. Basically… in reference to my problem I just decided it was impossible. So use a different element, not a “popup” specifically, and work with it similarly.

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I thought a view port's size and texture were easily accessible in game.

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