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I'm trying to rotate a Node2D, including all of its children, along a specified axis. That is, I want the user to click on a part of a ColorRect and have the whole scene rotate around where the mouse is located. Is that possible, and if so, how would I achieve that?


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Sure, many ways of achieving it with inherited transforms of nodes. Using ColorRect and such, a Node2D as a pivot is the simplest way.

If I understood correctly, maybe something like this, though the effect is a bit unusual when keeping a large rectangle around some relative center point.

extends Node2D

var pivot : Node2D
var rect  : ColorRect

func resolution():

    return Vector2(

func add_sprite(p_node, p_pos):

    var s = Sprite.new()
    s.texture = preload("res://icon.png")

    s.position = p_pos

func _ready() -> void:

    pivot = Node2D.new()

    rect = ColorRect.new()

    var res = resolution()
    var mid = res / 2.0

    rect.rect_size = resolution()
    rect.show_behind_parent = true


    pivot.connect("draw", self, "dot")

    add_sprite(rect, mid + Vector2(-100, 100))
    add_sprite(rect, mid + Vector2( 200, 120))
    add_sprite(rect, mid + Vector2( 500, -20))

func dot():
    pivot.draw_circle(Vector2(), 3.0, Color.red)

func update_pivot(p_pos):

    pivot.position = p_pos
    rect.rect_position = -p_pos

var time  = 0.0
var speed = 1.0

func _physics_process(delta):

    time += delta * speed
    time  = fmod(time, TAU)

    pivot.rotation = time

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