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One of the features of Godot I saw was "Blit 3D models as sprites in 2D".

Can someone explain what this means and its usefulness?
I couldn't find something about it in the docs.


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It allows you to set up a 3D scene, then take what appears in it's camera and put it into a 2D sprite texture. A lot like if you had an actual camera monitoring a room and you are watching it on a television.

For one example, it can be used for things such as taking a 3D character and projecting them into a 2D game.

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Do you know what kind of impact this has on performance, compared to rendering the sprites as planes/billboards directly into the 3d scene?

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Check out the official "3D in 2D" demo.
Essentially, you render a 3D scene to a texture, which you then display within a 2D scene.

Some short documentation is here: http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/tutorials/engine/viewports.html#render-target

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