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Today I was downloaded the nightly build to test. But it's not running. my pc is not compatible with Vulcan i think. So is it the end of my godot journey..?☹️

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IIRC, Vulkan and OpenGL ES 2.0 will be supported in version 4.0 of the engine.

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As of writing, the current plan for Godot 4.0 is to have an OpenGL renderer with GLES3 as a baseline: https://github.com/godotengine/godot-proposals/issues/877

For better compatibility, the new GLES3 renderer will use a more low-end-friendly approach with multipass lighting in 3D.

GLES2 support may be provided unofficially if someone does the required work to port the current GLES2 renderer to 4.0.

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