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In my code I am using Area2D/CollisionShape2D to detect signal mouse events. I am not using control node signals because control nodes "lock" the mouse inputs to themselves so it messed with drag & drop (i.e. when you drag by using control node gui_input signals, the mouse_entered() signals on any other node you pass over will never fire.)

I wanted to move to multiple viewports so that I can do some fancy stuff like create a large view of a card when mousing over it. However I've run smack dab in the middle of bug #26181

I wanted to ask if anyone has though of a way to work around it? I could go back to receiving mouse events via the control node but this means I instead have to work around the control node locking the mouse inputs to itself.

I can't see how to use the workaround provided in the bug report, without manually reimplementing the logic behind the mouse_entered/exited signals inside my own _input code.

Any ideas?

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