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Hey everyone !

I'm using the FPS controller from the Godot's FPS tutorial.
I resized the player to fit the convention 1 Godot Unit = 1 meter. My floors tiles are 3*3 m² so I can have a modular level design.

My problem is that when I'm near intersections of 4 floors tiles, the player seems to have difficulties detecting collisions. He begins to shakes which is visible and annoying and the isonfloor is not sure if the collision is there or not.

Weirdly enough, if I let everything at a bigger scale, it doesn't happen.

I've tried :
- Using moveandslidewithsnape with a vector (0,-1,0) : It's a bit better but still buggy.
- Changing the safe margin of Kinematic Body.
- Playing a bit with collision margins.
- Recalculate normals and stuff on Blender. But the problem happens with CSG Mesh too.

I made a minimal project showing the problem :

You can stand on the red cylinder to see the problem (The red cylinder has no collisions).

Thanks for the help

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