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Was just curious. Because the tools would make for great development of live wallpapers and screensavers and such.

asked Mar 5, 2016 in Engine by lehthanis (34 points)

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I haven't heard about this kind of module for Godot. But it would be possible write them if you are familiar with Android live wallpapers sdk (or windows screen-savers one).

answered Mar 5, 2016 by kubecz3k (1,255 points)
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Godot is not really designed with this in mind - it might use more CPU/GPU resources than if you wrote it using a simpler rendering engine, not to mention the longer start-up time.

answered Mar 5, 2016 by Calinou (6,336 points)
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I can tell you, at least about the windows screensavers, that it should be possible. Windows Screensavers are just .exe files renamed to a .scr ending. So if you export a godot project to an executable .exe file and rename it poperly, it shouldn't be a problem.
Android live wallpapers are another thing and I don't know, how they work at all, so I can't tell you.

answered Mar 5, 2016 by PixelWizzard (223 points)
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